Community Center Building Committee Charge

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  • At least monthly


This committee will consist of at least 7 members appointed by the Board of Selectmen, with at least 3 members having knowledge of or experience with building/construction trades; and the remainder, informed residents who represent the community at large.

Non-voting members would include one representative from the Board of Selectmen and the Warrant Committee. The committee will be provided with staff support from the Town Administrator, and will liaise with other staff members including the Building Superintendent, Director of Parks and Recreation, and the Director of Council on Aging.


The Board of Selectmen at their November 6th meeting approved the Charge for the Community Center Building Committee. Its purpose is to provide support to the Owners Project Manager and Designer and perform community outreach activities to ensure that resident voices are heard throughout the project’s lifetime. The Committee will submit recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for a renovated Caryl community center and a new facility as approved at the October 7th, 2019 Special Town Meeting.


The Committee, will support the Owners’ Project Manager and Project Designer, as they study the existing building conditions, confirm community space requirements, develop schematic renderings, renovation and new build design options and cost estimates for both.


Committee members will research issues raised by the Owners’ Project Manager and Project Designer or residents and advise when questions or decisions must be answered/made with respect to design, value engineering, scope of work, and cost estimating of the project. The Committee will research funding options for the project and also be responsible for reviewing and recommending for approval all expenditures related to the project.

Staying Informed

The Committee members are responsible for keeping the project scope within the parameters established at the October 7th 2019 Special Town Meeting. Exceptions and or additions must be fully costed and presented as options for resident consideration.

Resident Inclusion

Lastly, and most importantly, the Committee will be responsible for resident inclusion throughout this project phase, including but not limited to, actively engaging and informing residents through all appropriate media channels, by holding information sessions and resident forums and encouraging direct participation at Building Committee meetings.


The Committee will report progress to the Board of Selectmen. The Committee will work to present proposals for both renovation and new build to the Board of Selectmen within 12 to 14 months of approval of this charge.