How do I get rid of a mattress or box spring?

Mattresses and box springs are accepted throughout the year effective November 2020. A dedicated collection container has been installed next to the furniture shed for residents to dispose of these.  Residents are asked to remove them from their vehicle and deposit them into the container, as far back as possible.  Items should not be wet, moldy or bug-ridden. 

If transportation to the transfer station is not convenient, residents can deliver mattresses, box springs, and metal bed frames to Conigliaro Industries at 701 Waverly Street, Framingham (508-872-9668). There is a $20 per unit charge and they accept deliveries Monday-Friday 7 am - 4:30 pm Monday- Friday. Contact them to verify current hours and cost. 

Residents can also contact non-profits, such as NewLIfe Furniture Bank in Walpole (, that accept metal frames used mattresses and box springs in good condition and will pick-up at home.

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