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    Furniture Donations at the Dover Transfer Station on September 18th.

    New Life Furniture Bank of Walpole, a non-profit organization, will be on-site at the Dover Transfer Station on Saturday, September 18th to accept furniture and household goods for families transitioning out of homelessness. Read on...
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The Town of Dover Highway Department, in collaboration with the Dover Recycling Committee, seeks to provide free and convenient disposal of household waste while encouraging the removal of compostable and recyclable materials.

We encourage all residents to commit themselves to realizing the impact on our environment. It is only through a collaborative effort that we will achieve this goal. Detailed information on Transfer Station policies and procedures can be found here and below.

  1. Transfer Station Access
  2. Transfer Station Sticker

Access to the Transfer Station

Dover residents may bring trash and recyclable materials to the Transfer Station once they have obtained a current sticker [no charge]. A Transfer Station Sticker Application is available at the Transfer Station or online

Please see Transfer Station Sticker for detailed instructions and application forms.

Transfer Station Recycling bins in a row