Footer Town of DoverIn accordance with the General Laws of Massachusetts, notifications of a forthcoming local election must be given at least seven days in advance. The warrant is posted on town bulletin boards, and a copy is mailed to each voter; the Selectmen also publish it in the local newspapers.

In Town elections, the polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm.


The Caucus is a meeting at which candidates for town office are nominated. The Town Caucus originally scheduled to be held on Monday, March 8, 2021, will not be held due to COVID-19 pandemic.  Instead, this year we will be preparing nomination papers for each of the 12 open positions on Elected Boards for 2021. Click here for a listing of open positions and more information from the Town Clerk.

Nomination Papers

Candidates for town office who were not nominated at the Town Caucus and wish to run for town office can obtain nomination papers from the Town Clerk anytime after March 1. Nomination papers must be submitted to the Board of Registrars by 1 pm on March 31. A minimum of 25 registered voter signatures would be required for nomination.

Open Hearing

Warrant articles for the town meeting are reviewed at Open Hearings.

Annual Town Meeting

Final warrant articles for the town are voted on at the Annual Town Meeting.

Special Town Meeting

Special Town Meetings are meetings called to vote on a specific topic.

Annual Town Election

Candidates for town office are voted on as well as any ballot questions at the Annual Town Election.

State Elections

State Elections are elections held for state and federal candidates as well as ballot questions.