Programs & Activities

Caryl Community Center (CCC) hosts a variety of recreational and educational programs and activities for its multi-generational users in the Dover community and beyond.

It provides program, office, and storage space for two Town departments:

  • Parks and Recreation (P&R): Since 2004, the P&R has had office, equipment storage, meeting, and program space on the 2nd floor, as well as access to the gym in the basement for its operations. Its most popular indoor programs at the CCC have included Tae Kwon Do, after-school classes with Coach Pete, PROformance soccer, and tennis.   Erin's School of Dance recently partnered with Dover Parks and Recreation starting in the Fall of 2021. Since 2003, “Miss Erin” has offered dance instruction for ages 3-17, five days a week, to residents of Dover, Sherborn, and neighboring communities. 
  • Council on Aging (COA): In 2013, the COA consolidated all of its office, storage, meeting, and activity/program space at the CCC. Its programs are often co-sponsored with the P&R and attract seniors from Dover and surrounding communities. As the COA continues to grow, it is hoping for additional space and for all of its space to be contiguous on the first floor.

CCC also offers space to several other long-term program providers to serve the needs of the local community, including:

The CCC is also being used regularly or intermittently by various community groups and individuals. Those that rent space on a regular basis include:

  • The Dover Mothers’ Association (DMA): DMA is a not-for-profit volunteer organization serving mothers of young children in Dover. It offers a wide variety of programs and events that provide Dover moms with an excellent opportunity to form new friendships for themselves, as well as for their children.
  • The Dover Foundation: Since its founding in 1947, this primarily adult theater group has brought together different segments of the Dover community in a yearly theatrical production to raise money for scholarships and community projects.
  • Open Fields: Open Fields is a Dover-based non-profit organization founded in 1999 to teach and produce musical theater, mostly with and for children, in a family-like environment where children can develop their talents in the creative arts.